Wednesday, February 1, 2017

gilberts talk

In this ted, talk gilberts talk about the surprising science of happiness he talks about how the humans, grown over the course of evolution because we grew the frontal lobe prefrontal cortex. wich allows humans, to simulate experiences. meaning that we can experience something before it happens. we are able to make decisions that way. humans also have a psychological immune system that allows people change how we perceive something. this immune system works best if we don't have choices. also overthinking is a big part of why people are unhappy.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Happiness is a feeling that can not be described if you have not felt happy. Happiness is felt in the moment there is no saying when and where it will occur and sometimes you don't know you are happy its is an in the moment feeling that no words could ever describe. everyone is able to feel happiness one way or another. it will not matter whether there is someone or something in your life that is negative there will always come a light from somewhere els. the more there is happiness the more years you will live it has been proven scientifical test and studies.

Friday, December 16, 2016

what does being grateful mean?

Gratefulness is something that everyone should feel when they receive something or when they look at someone they care about. Many people are who are not happy can not express the feeling of gratefulness. Looking at someone and being overwhelmed and deeply touched how lucky you are for having them. Expressing gratitude can be very helpful in life. Gratefulness can be expressed in many different ways, one is to tell the person you love them and how much they mean to you. It would make them feel loved and know how you feel about them. Second, you could give them compliments on sticky notes or a texting telling them something that makes them feel better. This could help with a relationship and family.

Me Before You Alternative Ending

[Strates page 367: on the way to Switzerland. ]

Dear lord Nathan, I don't know if I want to do it anymore, after spending so much time with her I think I have fallen in love with the girl. I know that I am unable to give her certain things a normal couple has but I would love to make it work.
Will, if you truly love her you will make it work she did try her hardest to make you stay.
I know but I don't know if she will be able to forgive me after she found out. I mean she was devastated.
Your parents were broken when they found out and your mother she is the one that is going to hurt the most no matter how much you tell her it is not her fault she is still going to blame herself.
As he reflected upon what Nathan had told him he could not help to think about the pain her mother suffered just knowing what he was going to do to himself.
So will? What are you going to do about the conflict you are feeling right now do u think you are healthy enough to be able to keep going?
Natha I think I will never be 100% but I will try to keep going with the meds.

I did not think it was going to be that painful him leaving me here I really did think that after the time we spent together her has going to think and stay.
I did so too he really did look like he was in love. Maybe he will change his mind you never know. I would be really romantic and we can ever write a cliche book on it! You know I really don't like to see you so sad. I almost forgot that you could frown.
Oh treena, you know how much I don't like to frown and be unhappy. I think there should always be a reason to smile, like now he will be happy and not have to go through so much. Oh my! I have to go it's 10:00  and I have a flight at 11:30! I'll see you when I get back please tell mom and dad I left! Bye
Okay okay, go now love you bye!
Oh, how I hope William will change his mind and make her happy.

I have arrived at the clinic where William will be spending his last few hours. I'm terrified to go in and see him, it's not that I am scared to death it's just that I am scared of being alone after what I and hi went through. You're strong you need to be strong deep breath in and out. Okay, here we go….

As she entered all of my worries left and I felt happy and at peace with my decision. She looked me with her big confused eyes and asked,

¨ hey, what are you doing with your backpack shouldn't you be laying down?¨

To that, I answered with smile.

2 years later Paris, France
     william traynor! get over here im not playing!
As will runs over to her she trips over her feet trying to pull her jaket from the ground.
      hey hunny! willam says giveing lou his hand.
its been two years sense they were in switserlad will dicided not to give up and try to find a doctor that could help him. A year later they found someone that was testing a new type of surgry, so they dicieded to try. after two months of recovery and intense phisical therapy it finally worked he was able to start walking. that years they went to paris so that lou could go to the little cafe she has always wanted to go to. therer they sat stairing in eachother eyes lovingly.


Friday, November 18, 2016

blog #9 who to become ones best self?

To become one's best self is to find the balance between our basic needs, we need to find that something that can make us more relaxed and calm, Scott Barry Kaufman Scientific Director, The Imagination Institute stated, ¨Those with high autonomy feel as though they are authors of their own lives, and feel able to freely express their values and develop their identity, talents and interests¨ meaning that when a person is able to have a high autonomy they are able to feel like they have control over their body and not just feel like they live for their body. Something else people can do to become one's better self is that they can find hobbies and small goals that help that person release all the stress that keeps them from becoming a better person. Ibrahim Husain states ¨Start with the shortest timed goals.  “I will floss every day” will only take about a week or two to perfect¨  starting with theses simple and easy goals help shape the way you will live your life.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Do you think crying is a sign of weakness? or strength?

I think crying is a sign of strength it shows how at times you can be venerable. many people cry because of an event that has happened in their life that makes them sad. an example of that is losing a pet, it is something you can not recover from they are like family and when they die you cant help and cry no matter how much you will look weak. i had this experience when  i lost my dog because i don't like to cry but when he died i could not handle all the pain and cried every night for so long if felt like the pain would never end i couldn't even go outside because i would start crying.

Stereotype /Misperceptions

So many people judge and stereotype other people all the time. Many people don't like to accept the fact that they stereotype people in the streets. When you live in a place that accepts many people from many different countries and religious there is going to be many types of conflicts. so many people do not agree with the same religion so they will always try to attack the believes in many different ways. There will never be a time where the world could be at peace. Although we cold try to get along with everyone. this could be something everyone needs in the world of war. Finding the right peple to hang out with that can bring good influence into your life ca be very helpful trying to fix this broken world that sterotypes everything in tiny boxes not letting people out.