Friday, November 18, 2016

blog #9 who to become ones best self?

To become one's best self is to find the balance between our basic needs, we need to find that something that can make us more relaxed and calm, Scott Barry Kaufman Scientific Director, The Imagination Institute stated, ¨Those with high autonomy feel as though they are authors of their own lives, and feel able to freely express their values and develop their identity, talents and interests¨ meaning that when a person is able to have a high autonomy they are able to feel like they have control over their body and not just feel like they live for their body. Something else people can do to become one's better self is that they can find hobbies and small goals that help that person release all the stress that keeps them from becoming a better person. Ibrahim Husain states ¨Start with the shortest timed goals.  “I will floss every day” will only take about a week or two to perfect¨  starting with theses simple and easy goals help shape the way you will live your life.

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